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We’re excited to introduce a whole new Skipt Paper Co.

Skipt Paper Co. was founded in 2015 as a bold, celebratory response to the question, “how do we tell our family and friends we eloped.” Our answer was -- and continues to be -- this: do it respectfully, cheerfully, and unapologetically.

After a couple of years focused exclusively on creating bold, celebratory elopement announcements, it became clear to us that there were customers who wanted more. Customers who came to us looking for a one-on-one experience, professional design services, and, let’s be honest, a slightly anti-establishment take on the wedding industry, but who wanted invitations rather than announcements.

As we delved further into the wedding industry and started looking at our would-be competitors, we saw a gap:

On one side were invitation supercompanies that specialized in high output and low originality, where customers choose from limited preset color schemes and input text into an online customizer.

On the other side were independent designers who were producing truly beautiful work but who, with tiny budgets and limited e-commerce experience, were struggling to reach customers, make ordering easy, and keep print costs down.

Skipt evolved to bridge that gap, gathering a community of extremely talented designers creating highly original, customizable paper goods, and putting them under one metaphorical roof in order to make it possible for more artists to reach more customers, and vice versa.