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Any Skipt product that offers personalization also offers a proofing process, allowing you to see your uniquely-personalized design before it is finalized.

This lets you to approve things like color combinations, wording, layout tweaks, etc.

The process is pretty simple: after we receive your order and all of your customization information, an in-house graphic designer will get to work customizing your design and will put together a secured PDF proof, which you will receive via the email address you provided at checkout. Your job is to look this proof over verrrrrrry carefully and let us know if you need any changes. If you do, we'll make them and send you a new PDF proof. If not, you can approve your proof, at which point we'll set it up for printing.

Should you decide that you want or need to see a hard-copy proof, so you can touch it, smell it, even taste it, we can send you one for $5 but keep in mind, this adds time to the proofing process.

As simple as the proofing process is, there are a lot of FAQs related to proofing, so we thought we'd include those here:

Q: What if there are mistakes on my final cards?

Hopefully, the proofing process will eliminate errors. Before we send any final files or printed pieces, you will have to approve a digital proof. Your purchase entitles you to an initial proof and up to one round of changes, giving you time to catch errors. Once you approve the proof, you accept responsibility for the information and layout (and spelling!) shown on the proof. If we introduce a mistake after your final approval, we will correct free of charge. But if the mistake was there on the proof as you approved it, unfortunately that's your responsibility.

Q: Can I see what my invitation/announcement/etc will look like before I order?

Because many of our designs are typographically or compositionally complex, we do not offer on-screen proofs before ordering, but you will receive digital (PDF) proofs (and up to one round of changes to the proofs) once your order has been received.

Q: What if I discover a mistake and need to change something?

That's what the proofing process is for. You send your wording and color choices at the time of ordering. We send you a digital (PDF) proof via email. Then you get up to one round of changes to the proof - usually plenty of time to make sure everything is JUST right. If you need additional rounds of changes, they're billed separately.