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Are envelopes included with my stationery order?

Yes. Blank, matching envelopes are included in the price of invitations, announcements, reply cards, thank you cards, and notecards. All of our envelopes are made from 80b text-weight paper and have square flaps. Your envelopes will match your main paper selection. We do not offer colored envelopes at this time, but we can help you source them if you'd like.

What about extra blank envelopes?

On invitation and announcement orders, we do always include approximately 5% extra blank envelopes with your order (so if you ordered 100 announcements, we'd send you 105 envelopes).

If you have ordered envelope printing, it's quite common for your list of guest addresses to be less than the total number of announcements you have ordered. When this happens, we will print any extra envelopes with just your return address (unless you specify that you would like your extras to be completely blank instead).

Will I get to see a proof of my envelopes?

When you order envelope printing, you will receive a digital proof via email sent along with the proofs for the rest of your order. Be sure to look this proof over very carefully because once you approve it, that's how the envelopes will be printed. Once you approve the proof, you accept responsibility for the information and layout (and spelling!) shown on the proof. If we introduce a mistake after your final approval, we will correct free of charge.

Can you explain your guest and return address printing services?

Good news: you can order your guest addressing and return address printing right at checkout on any item that supports address printing! All address printing will coordinate with your stationery (same typefaces, and the same or coordinating colors depending on legibility for mailing). 

With guest addressing, you provide a spreadsheet with your guests' addresses and we'll take care of formatting and printing your guests' names and addresses on the front of your envelopes using colors and typefaces to match your design. We will also include your return address in the top left corner for no extra charge.

With reply addressing, your name and return address will be printed on your reply envelopes using colors and typefaces to match your design. Your name and address will appear front and center on the envelope so that your guests can simply pop their reply cards in the ready envelopes and send them back to you with ease. 

How do I format my guest addresses?

We require that you set up your addresses in a specific way before we can begin designing them for you. Start with a clean spreadsheet (or our sample spreadsheet if you desire, making sure to delete our sample rows) and input your information taking care not to add tabs, extra spaces at the ends of cells, or carriage returns within cells. Create (or find inside our sample spreadsheet) the following columns: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, etc. until you accommodate the most lines any of your addresses has.  Enter your guest information exactly as you would like it to appear on your envelopes.

PLEASE NOTE: spreadsheets must be formatted to these specifications before we can start designing your envelopes. Delays in getting us a properly formatted spreadsheet will result in delayed proofs. We will proof all of your order at once and will not be able to send you a proof for your announcement first and then send the envelope proof later. Finally, changes to envelope proofs count as a round of revisions.