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We were talking with some Skipt customers recently about how we don’t see a ton of people sharing our content, our website, or our products on social media. Here’s what those customers told us: y’all are planning in secret. Duh!

So what better way for us to help than to gather a list of top tech tools that can help you collaboratively plan your wedding or elopement SECRETLY.

Our favorite: Pinterest Secret Boards

Pinterest is a place for saving visual information, kind of like a digital bulletin board where you can pin (and organize) the things you want to look at again later. The best thing about Pinterest for wedding planning is that you can search through other people’s pins for content you might never find otherwise. It’s like doing a google search, onlyprettier! Plus, it’s easier to save and sort any search results you want to remember and return to. 

And if you’re planning a super secret affair like an elopement? It gets better because you can have secret boards. When you add a pin to a secret board, it won't show up anywhere else on Pinterest – not in the category sections, not in anyone's search results, not in your followers' home feed, not in your own home feed, and not in any history or activity feed on your profile. Even better, you can collaborate on secret boards, meaning you and your affianced can be the only two humans on earth who can pin to and see a particular board. Perfect for planning on the sly.

Share a board with your mom and another one with your fiance and have one that you keep secret just for you.

Best Catch-all: Evernote

Make notes, create to-do lists, store documents, and more. Evernote is like a big digital binder for whatever you want to put in it. Unlike a real binder, though, it is SO easily searched and it can be up-to-date in multiple places at once (i.e. it syncs seamlessly across devices). Private to just you by default, you can also share your content with other individuals. It’s a great catch-all for vendor contracts, to-do lists, inspiration pics, travel itineraries, and more. It requires a little bit of self-organization but if you’re the sort of person who likes to keep things in order, it’s an amazing app.

Easiest for private group communication: Facebook Secret Groups

Facebook groups allow you to communicate in one searchable place (on Facebook). You can share documents, poll group members, post questions or updates, etc. 

Facebook secret groups allow you to create a shared private page with specific friends. In secret groups, no one knows the group exists except its members. No one can see the content posted except the group’s members. If you’re on Facebook all the time anyway, it’s a super convenient way to communicate about your wedding without anyone else finding out.

Also, using Facebook groups can definitely help ease some of the pain of trying to communicate across time zones or schedules.

(When you create a group, you can choose 3 privacy settings: Public, Closed and Secret. The table here shows who can join these groups and what people can see about them.)

Sweetest for Private Communication: Couple

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more romantic than Facebook and a little less unwieldy than Evernote, you might consider Couple. It’s an app that allows you to communicate privately with one other person. You can create to-do lists, add events to a shared calendar, use location features, easily text within the app, and even “thumbkiss” in real time. (Awwww…) It’s not really built as a project management app, but it can be used that way.

Best for organizing large projects: Trello

Trello was built as a collaborative project management app that allows you to organize and prioritize projects with a team or by yourself. You can create Trello boards to organize your to-do items and you can even assign specific items to specific people, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Post comments for instant feedback, upload files or images from your computer or phone, add checklists, labels, due dates, and more. Plus you can set up notifications so that you always know when something needs to be done.

Now go forth and plan, friends!

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