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Elopers: Natalie & Jordan.

Location: Paris, France

Who attended: Just the two of us and our photographer (Esther Louise Photography). 

Did you invite friends and family to a post-elopement celebration? Yup!

Advice from Natalie: My advice to anyone planning to elope is to be careful (and selective) on who you tell before you elope, especially if you plan to keep it a secret. My husband and I only told our immediate family and a few close friends and it was a struggle for us to keep the secret and even more of a struggle for our loved ones. You're excited, you will want to tell everyone, and so will your family and friends! Also, don't expect everyone to love the idea of eloping - whether they find out before or after you elope. We had family members ask us when the baby was due, thinking we ran off to get married because we were pregnant when in fact it was a "planned elopement" (and we're not pregnant!). Others told us they were hurt by our decision to "run away" and so we had to explain that we didn't make this decision to hurt them, but instead did it because it was what we wanted to do. But the strong majority of our friends and family were very supportive and very excited to celebrate with us. It's been a few months now and we still hear how great our photos were and how they loved how we decided to get married. We wouldn't change a thing.

Photo credit: Esther Louise Photography

Elopement announcement: Angled

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