Introducing Wedding Invitations at Skipt Paper Co!

wedding invitations from skipt paper coSkipt Paper Co. has always specialized in elopements, tiny weddings, and other non-traditional ways of tying the knot. Now, we’re happy to introduce a new collection of wedding invitations, because sometimes you want to invite people to your non-traditional shindig. And we think that’s cool.

Top Tech Tools for Super Secret Wedding Planning

We were talking with some Skipt customers recently about how we don’t see a ton of people sharing our content, our website, or our products on social media. Here’s what those customers told us: y’all are planning in secret. Duh!

So what better way for us to help than to gather a list of top tech tools that can help you collaboratively plan your wedding or elopement SECRETLY.

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How to Submit to the Skipt Blog

One of our goals here at Skipt is to be a resource, an advocate, a source of inspiration, and a supportive community - to be a place where elopement is at the forefront of the conversation about weddings, not a footnote, apology, or adaptation. If you'd like to help contribute to creating this kind of resource, you can do so with credit (and links if appropriate) OR completely annonymously. 

Eight Ways to Include Your Family in Your Elopement


You should never feel like just because you eloped, you owe your loved ones anything. That said, if you and your beloved decide that you want to include your loves ones in the celebration, we’ve come up with a list of eight ways to do so. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

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How to keep your wedding from snowballing, no guru needed

Setting an intention for your wedding

I was talking recently to a couple that’s engaged and we were talking about how quickly wedding planning just builds momentum and heft and weight and before you know it, it can be this whole thing that you don’t feel like you even really made happen. 

And I told that couple that probably the best way to deal with that snowball phenomenon is to sit down together and set intentions for the wedding. 

Tiny Wedding Round-Up

Tiny Wedding Roundup

Eight tiny weddings, fewer than one hundred guests totaled up across them all, but just as much joy and love as any wedding we've ever seen. Feast your eyes, friends. Feast your eyes.

Five Ways to Elope in New York City

I got married in NYC magnet

New York City has been described as America's melting pot of multi-culture, but if everything really melted all together, these five NYC elopements would tend to look more alike than different, eh? We're wowed by all the ways there are to have a New York City Hall wedding. Here's a look at five NYC weddings with five very different vibes.

Non-Crazy Wedding Planning Checklist

Nothing here is about how many months before the wedding to do this or that thing. Instead, this checklist includes reminders and advice for keeping your cool, honoring your gut, and planning a wedding you can actually enjoy.

Love & Brews Abound at DC Brau Elopement

Gwen & Hillary. Washington, D.C. Fun and fermentation. Planned, officiated, and photographed by Pop! Wed Co. 

What Happened to Up Up Creative?!

Up Up Creative has been the studio name of our principal designer, Julie Green, since 2008. Under that studio name, she's always done all kinds of things, from custom graphic design to art licensing to running a small wedding invite shop...

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